Auto Accept Finance Preferred Car Dealer …

Often when you decide to look for a new car you choose the car first and then the finance deal, this at times can be disappointing IF you are refused finance.

Therefore, why not apply for finance and see if you are accepted AND then take a look at AAF Cars Stock list to find exactly the car you are looking for!

Within our group of companies we have our own Preferred Car Dealer Specialising in a range of quality used cars. IF we don’t have in stock what you are looking for as we can often source cars from all over the UK!

By using our Preferred Car Dealer we are able to offer preferred rates on these vehicles and excellent after sales care.

Why not find out now whether you qualify for our preferred dealer network by filling in our simple online finance form.

IF you meet the criteria, then take a look at our range of cars at 


AAF Cars and Auto Accept Finance Working together to get you a better deal!

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