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We are a specialist motorcycle and car finance company. Our origins are in motorbikes so we understand the motorcycle market and we have transferred our experience to the car industry. We also have a large showroom of motorcycles at our head office OR you can finance a motorbike from another dealer! Whatever what you want we can help! Even if you have been refused finance by other companies we can often help! So please fill in our no-obligation form to get the ball rolling today…

However, it is a fact there is no such thing as Guaranteed Car or Motorcycle Finance. It is simply not possible. All finance companies, including ourselves will want to look at the viability of a finance arrangement and, based on our assessment  will try and provide finance, but for a few situations it is simply not possible to provide Guaranteed bike or car finance.

But in 90-95% of cases we will be able to help though, so we do encourage people to ask!
No matter what circumstances we may be able to help you. We have our own FCA approved  finance company and this helps us to perhaps provide finance where larger companies may just say no!

So why not complete the application form below, and lets see if we can help you, remember the only thing that is guaranteed in like is death and taxes! But we try hard to help everyone, and if we can’t help you to get finance, then it generally means that no one else will be able to help.

To find out if you are eligible for finance please complete the following form. We will then provide you with our best finance offer based on your circumstances.

By getting your finance quote first this means that you can choose a car or motorbike that you like without wondering if you will get finance approval!

Its simple and straightforward and the decisions are generally very quick.

Auto Accept Finance originated from the motorcycle industry! We have a long history of providing competitive finance on new and secondhand motorbikes…and now we can help you even if you have a car!

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