Bad Credit Car Finance


For most of us, a car is essential in our day to day lives – but not all of us can raise the money required to buy a decent quality car that we’re confident won’t let us down.

At Auto Accept Finance we’re specialists at selling quality cars at costs that suit you – and arranging a package that is convenient to help you purchase it. By sharing payments over periods of up to five years we seek to aid you in purchasing the car you want, and to match what you can afford.

We arrange various packages suited to you, and can in many cases help you if you have bad loans credit history that may make raising money for a car quite difficult.

Many things can put pressure on our finances. Maybe we’ve just lost our job, or had children. These things may result in missing credit card or loan payments. The truth is, our circumstances can change, and this can cause problems. Having a bad credit history can be caused by such problems, making it more problematic to borrow for the things we may one day need.

If you find that your past credit history may cause problems then come and talk to us about what you need and tell us why you think these problems may occur. If there’s a way to help, our friendly team will have a look at all the available options, view your circumstance with various car finance companies and find a solution that will suit you.

We’ll be with you straight away and let you know if your credit history is such that we can’t help you, so don’t worry, you can be positive that we will do everything we possibly can to get you driving again in the car you’re dreaming of.

Like any other credit business, we’ll check your details with a credit reference agency, but remember that this registers is a search against your name. There is nothing to worry in doing so, but it is worth remembering that the fewer searches you have against your name, the easier you will find it to apply for credit.